Knowshow Vancouver 2018 2019

knowshow vancouver

Knowshow Vancouver 2018/2019

Well the Commit buying team is off to Knowshow to take a peek at the goods coming out next season.

Stoke on the show for myself has always been hard-goods category. That’s where snowboarding lives. Advancements in the technology of snowboarding show face, giving birth to new cambers, shapes, and trends that determine how and why we ride. Graphic stories are unveiled, and the picture is painted for the following season.  On the clothing side we see colour directions, and material choices which will make up most of what we sell in the shop. For me it will always be about the meat and potatoes. For more information behind the Knowshow follow the links.


The KNOWSHOW is an engaging B2B marketplace where leading lifestyle fashion brands unveil their seasonal products to Canadian retailers. Each bi-annual show connects hundreds of unique retailers and with preeminent and upcoming brands in a concentrated showcase of upcoming trends, styles, and products. The KNOWSHOW is where industry leading brands and Canadian retailers connect and do business.

Canada’s massive size and spread out population present a huge challenge for brands. With International production lead times consistently creeping forward and sales windows shortening, it is not realistic or cost effective for brands to travel to preview products with their shops. As many Canadian retailers are seldom visited by brand representatives, they must travel to properly purchase the products that stock their stores.